Lease us your land 

and increase the value of your home while making monthly income

You Lease us your land 

We  will sign a ground lease agreement for 20 years 

We build on your land 

We will build an ADU on your land at no cost to you

You earn monthly income 

We will rent out ADU to a tenant and give you a cut 

You own ADU after 20 years

Once the 20 year term is complete, the ADU is yours!

Income & Value


The benefit of our program is threefold. You get to generate passive income on idle land, increase the value of your home, and  maintain financial flexibility by avoiding any upfront costs related to construction. 



With advancements in modular construction, we are able to cut construction time in half. Within 3-5 months of signing the agreement, you can have a fully functioning ADU manufactured, delivered, and assembled in your backyard.  By contrast, traditional building methods could take up to one year to build!

Hassle Free


You don’t need to worry about facilitating the permitting process. We take care of everything from A-Z, including the construction and installation. 



Should you prefer to purchase your ADU instead, we can certainly assist with that too. In fact, you have the flexibility to purchase your ADU throughout the lease agreement at any time.  


Who maintains the ADU?

Cerca is fully responsible for maintaining the ADU.

Who is responsible for getting tenants?

Cerca will use a property management company to select qualified tenants. All tenants will go through a background check. We want to make sure you feel comfortable which is why you will be involved in the selection process.

What if I move?

The lease agreement will have a declining balance buyout option so you have the flexibility of buying the unit outright whenever you want. Just pay off your balance!

What. is the size of the unit?

It depends. We will evaluate your lot and discuss the options based on your local building codes. Our units will run anywhere from 240 sq ft – 1,200 sq ft.

Can we buy the unit?

We are happy to sell our unit outright and at anytime. Please call to discuss options.

Why is this option provided?

We recognize that the upfront cost of building an ADU can be high. That is why we've come up with an alternative financing option that doesn't require you to pay for any upfront costs. We want to ensure that we are able to provide an option for everyone.