About Us

When we started our project we had four goals in mind: 


1) Address the current housing crisis 

2) Provide homeowners with an affordable way to build a secondary suite 

3) Design a solution that allows homeowners to make rental income 

4) Build units faster and in mass quantities 


Our combined experience in architecture, manufacturing, and customer experience, has guided us through every step in our journey to address the current housing crises. Every process and component in our system was engineered from the bottom up to ensure the perfect balance between design, affordability, and flexibility.


By doing away with the waste and cost of traditional building methods and embracing smart design, we have come up with a formula that breaks away from the value/cost trade-off and enables  homeowners to get high quality at affordable prices. As more secondary suites get built, we are hoping to increase housing inventory so that buying or renting becomes more accessible for all.